Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Just Checking In

Another cloudy rain day today. Everyone in these parts is getting really sick of all the rain, clouds, and now colder weather. I guess we got too spoiled when we had those few sunny warm days.
Our check up at the doctor yesterday, did find that I had broken up a bit of cartilage on my ribs-so that is why my left side has been hurting so much. Larry said the same thing, as he does this from time to time. No wonder when I was canning the turkey stock and mushrooms I was more tired and sore. I am not having to cough as much now-so hopefully I will get healed up faster.
Yesterday I mailed off my pillow order-these turned out really pretty and made me feel good to accomplish something. These got mailed off to California to an accupunturist.-kinda cool actually to be able to pick up this custom order from the internet.
I was planning on getting back on my shower project but now the house is too cold to work on it. We are just about out of firewood now, and what little we do have is damp or soaking wet-the high winds blew off the cover. sigh We do have enough wood to make a little fire in the bedroom in the evenings.
I decided to make up a big pot of beans and ham, and I think I will turn the oven on to bake up some fun-cupcakes or cookies, not sure yet.
I have never fired a shotgun before, the tool needed for turkey hunting, so when the weather cleared yesterday Larry taught me how to use one. It went pretty well-he was laughing though-I am a little too slow to actually get a turkey though-lol We will see about that.
Any of you going to watch the royal wedding? I am sure I will watch a little of it-I like these two from what I have seen on the media-and it is a fairy tale after all that came true.
Later. I am off to wash up a big bag of garden lettuce that L just brought us.He is so good to us.


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