Sunday, April 10, 2011

I went Fishing This Morning for Trout

This wasn't one of those planned trips, just a "let's go fishing" kind of trip-lol We both did sleep well last night, I ended up going back to bed around 2 am to try and catch some sleep, and hubby got up around 2 am and worked all night.
I slept in til about 7 am and since I knew he had been working all night and was still working I said let's go fishing. So we went to Bennett Springs on the river to catch trout. This was my first time fishing since I went with my grandpa when I was about 10 or 12 years old. and that was catching blue gills, with a just a pole and a line and a bobber and a worm-lol
So this casting was a whole new thing for me. I did end up catching a really one within the first hour but I did not set the hook right, so as the fish was coming to shore he just swam off the hook-lol I caught one to bring home (the single fish in the bucket) and hubby caught 3. I couldn't get the feel of when a fish was on the hook, so lost 5 of them-ate my bait. After the first hour and half, he was very very windy too-which made casting challenging. We had an eagle fly in, sit across from us watching for fish-that was very neat. Met some nice people there too.
So a fun day for my first time trout fishing. These are soaking in salt water for a bit-will get frozen, and then when we catch about a dozen or so all together will smoke them-good eats!
That's my Sunday today, we are waiting to see how the big storm comes thru-could be a big one, and will drop the temps to more normal. I really am not ready for 90s to be here permanent yet.
Happy Sunday


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