Friday, April 22, 2011

I'm Putting up Greens

We dropped off some jars of the turkey stock, a couple plain and couple with meat. Mr. L was not in so we chatted with Mrs. L.
About an hour later Mr. L comes over carrying 2 over stuffed wal mart bags full of more greens. With all the rain we have been having they are really growing, so he says this is about the end of the young greens. I still had a pretty big tupperware full of cleaned greens that we have been eating out of, but hadn't froze yet. They still were in very good shape.
I was really not up to it at all last night, but after dinner I decided I needed to get some of this processed. I love these greens cause they are not bitter at all, and they really hold their shape, not tough-best wild greens I have ever had. He calls them cow parsley, but when I searched online for a photo the plant shown is totally different than what he brought me.
I didn't think about taking a photo last night, and this morning the camera needs charging-so didn't get a photo. These are gathered along the river.
I needed to go thru the bag and pinch off the longer stems, then I steam blanched and froze in packages for the two of us. I ended up with 14 meals. I am waiting for the water to boil, and then I will finish up this last bag this morning. Good eats for the upcoming year-and they were free except for my time, and a little propane gas for processing,(and electric in the freezer)
I can see now why he said his family always canned these-I think these would hold to the pressure canner, and back then families canned or dried most veggies, as most did not have a big freezer.
Lots of rain coming over the next several days. If it clears and warms up, I am going out hunting with the guys for my first turkey.
Happy Easter to all of you that celebrate, and Happy Passover to all of you that celebrate.


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