Friday, April 8, 2011

I'm Canning This Morning

Larry had a great time fishing yesterday on the lake, brought home a big cat fish that they caught on a jug. I froze half of it, and we ate it last night for supper.
A little before supper his fishing partner, Mr. L, stopped by-wierd we thought-until we saw a giant bag filled with these gorgeous mushrooms. He said he found a spot with lots, he picked 3 huge bags total. So, I am getting my canning stuff out this morning, have the mushrooms soaking in salt water, and will be processing these this morning.
I also got word late yesterday that my flax seeds came in yesterday-and they will be here today-wow! that's good service on a back order. So I will be making up 9 pillows and 18 covers this weekend for my pillow order.
The storms got stalled til the weekend, the worse they say will be sunday, so Larry just left for cat fishing again this morning. I am so thrilled that he finally connected up with a hunting and fishing partner. It has been very difficult to find "real" friends here. Now we each have a very good friend to do things with. I will have to say that finding and re establishing good friends is one of the main downsides of moving to a totally new place. We have always worked more than we played before retirement, so we are not ones to have a big social life anyways, But to find a handful of really good friends is so important in life. Which brings me to thinking about the people in the past that made a really big move in their lives.
I just finished reading a book about the people that made the trip to Oregon over the Oregon trail and their quilts. (Quilts of the Oregon Trail by Mary Cross) The book was also broken down by time periods 1840 to1850 were the very first people, then 1851 to 1855, and 1856 to1870 The book narrates the people's lives behind their quilts and what each time period of migraters experienced during and at the end of their trips; thru their letters and thru documentations found with the quilts.
After reading this book, and watching the Civil War series on PBS 1861 to 1865 I really got a feel for the time periods of what was going on with our nation. This probably sounds wierd but it just all clicked last night, and I got connected with these peoples lives a bit.
Well, I need to get off here and get to canning-
Happy friday


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