Sunday, April 17, 2011

Blooms Indoors

This beauty started to bloom yesterday, and today two of the flowers are now in full bloom. I love these, they always rebloom around Easter.
The second pot that is just starting to grow is a bright red one. It was a welcoming gift from one of my neighbors here 6 years ago. The following year I picked up this pretty pink one. Two years ago these both had so many new bulbs in their pots that I split them all apart repotted and gave most of them away. No blooms last year, but this year the pink one outdid itself again with its beauty.
Yesterday was very cold, gloomy and no sunshine. Today will be a totally different day. Sunshine, the birds are singing away, and we will be in the 70s today and tomorrow. We also discovered we have baby kitties. A stray came over this winter-and she hooked up with Autumn-lol So, now we need to find homes for these once they get a little bigger.
Back later on with art sunday


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