Sunday, April 24, 2011

Art Sunday Jim Peters of Washington Mo

I was trying to find his work online, but so far not much luck.
Our electric here comes from a coop-so technically we all own a bit of the company. We get excellent service too. Each month they publish an excellent newspaper type publication that is full of information of the people and places in Missouri, along with recipes and what's happening with our electric etc.
This month they featured an artist, Jim Peters, a watercolorist-and I had to share-his details are superb. He is in his 70s now.
His father was a sign painter for business's so he got his start there.
I did find the newspaper online-it is slow loading, but once it all loads click on the bottom right hand corner to turn the pages-once you come to the article-you can blow it up for better viewing and reading too-just click on it to enlarge.
It is worth the time to read-as he uses different mediums with his paints-water from the creek he is painting, etc.
Browsing the net some more,I just found a couple of his pieces.


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