Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Another Nice Day

Another gorgeous spring day to enjoy. The dogwoods are going in bloom-so pretty-like little lace patches in the woods.
Today was our day to take stuff in to the resale shops, I really didn't have much this time to take in. I was though, on the hunt for more all cotton men's shirts. The animal shelter thrift store had some nice finds. Definately getting harder right now to find 100 percent cottons-I don't want the poly cotton for quilting, and the price is really gone up in the resale shops on these too. I did find several though for a dollar and two dollars, and the rest were three dollars-I also only buy xxl or xxxl to get lots of material. lol
My soap molds are on their way, when they come I will be making oatmeal soap. and with the leaf mold have not decided yet which essential oil to add. I have some mints which might be nice or perhaps the patchouli would be nice too. A friend here gave me two goat milk soap molds by milkyway-the company I really like. One is goat heads for the bars, and one is bars stamped with the words goat milk-I am not sure if these bars of soap would sell or not-any thoughts?
I still have not planted my flat of seeds-I am thinking now I will hold off til late summer for a fall planting instead. The weather here is so up and down already, and I need to plan a trip to visit my Mom in late May or early June again. This one will be a long bus ride-not looking forward to that. My mom is slipping a little more each year now, she has early dimentia so don't know how long she will be able to stay by herself on her farm. My brother and I have been suggesting she may enjoy moving to town in a senior apt. situation-but she does not want to move off the farm-I can't say that I blame her-I wouldn't in my case want to move to town either. no fun getting older, especially when one is living alone.
We have been each embroidering sunbonnet sue blocks for a mother daughter quilt. She is doing 12 blocks with sue watering her garden, and my 12 blocks are big flowers. Hers will be done by end of this month, and I still have 4 to go-lol Was planning on sewing our quilt blocks together into a top on this trip for a project-and then will bring it back home to quilt.
Oh and the wild violets are blooming this week along with the baby red oak leaves, and lots of wild little yellow flowers. I was hoping to do a few flower pounded pieces but if I don't do it tomorrow I will probably lose the chance this year. We have a big storm and very cold air coming in tomorrow evening-perhaps a frost over the weekend too-hope the weatherman is wrong this time-lol
enough rambling on--night all


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