Tuesday, March 29, 2011

"Doings" Today

Today we went to the resale shops, mostly to drop off another box of stuff we don't need any more, and to see what we could use instead-lol
I came away with some nice finds, several wool pieces for my crafts, and another vintage quilt. This one has some indigo fabrics, feedsacks, shirts, etc. It is just the top, all hand pieced. Is actually in good shape, no tears, but need to sew one seam back together. I am going to soak it in Biz tomorrow, and then handwash it. I would probably keep this one instead of selling it, but it has alot of blocks with big red poka dots-lol Not sure yet if I like that or not. I love the indigos though and the feedsacks.
They had a couple wedding ring quilts too-one just the top, and another very pretty one all hand quilted. We will check back in a couple weeks on those to see if they are still there and marked down a bit. The animal shelter's thrift shop that we visit, has such fantastic finds. They take on alot of estates, so they get in alot of vintage pieces.
I think, or at least I hope today is the peak of me feeling sick. It's all in my chest now, so that sets off my asthma too. It has been quite chilly here, and rainy-a big change from the 80s we had a couple weeks ago. Hot shower tonight and to bed early again. lol
Of course I need to check out my favorite shows, both NCIS are new shows tonight.
Oh, and I bought me a fishing license and a trout license today too, hoping Larry will teach me to trout fish. I have not been fishing since I was a child fishing blue gills with my Grandpa.
Have an awesome evening!


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