Thursday, March 10, 2011

This week seems to have "flown" by

Can't believe tomorrow is friday already. We've been under so much stress over a few happenings here, one was completed and off our list this morning. So that's a good thing.
Still haven't found a realtor yet, so still working on that. On a good note I have people visiting my Etsy shop and I am still selling off my organic cotton batting. I am down to one more to sell. I also sold the green and pink vintage quilt I found last year-so is nice to have some "action" in my shop. I have an order for 9 pillows too for an accupuncturist-so we are still working on fabrics for those. I will be stuffing them with flax seeds.
Also have Larry's web site up too. So, I feel like we are making some progress. Kinda fun being back in our little business's too. and shipping items is so much easier now thru click and ship at usps.
Still cold here and windy, but tomorrow will finally be warmer. Making progress on my cleaning efforts too, getting ready for our company next weekend.
I also have my hand quilting figured out now for my mom's log cabin quilt. I tried varigated thread and decided I didn't like it. I also needed to change needles, as this batting is a little on the thicker side for hand quilting. I had used medium loft polyester batting for Mr. L's bd quilt and this was the left over scraps. I usually don't use anything but natural fibers, but the polyester worked better for Mr. L's quilt. anyways I am now quilting with a dark green thread and looks nice.
that's about it, what are you all up to this weekend?? any plans


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