Sunday, March 6, 2011

Just a Little of my Doings

It has been sooooo cold this weekend, especially after getting used to a few days of high 60's-lol
So, I have been doing a little baking. Yesterday I made my banana bread recipe and added my own cracked black walnuts and some currents too-very nice. I decided to make this when Mr. L shared a big chunk of fresh cream cheese he had picked up at the amish store-this is so nice it is like spreading butter.
I also made a up a few small batches of cookies. Some nice treats for us.
Today, I decided to bag up what I had left of my mimosa leaves for dye, and offer them up for sale and see if there is an interest. I am noticing alot of what is selling on etsy is supplies. I may add a few of my quilting fabrics as they are not something I am using any more.
I asked Larry if he would make me up one raised bed for a little garden area, and place it up near the house with my other large pots. Hopefully the deer will continue to stay away from this area.
Larry is still catching fish-yeh!!
Not much else new happening here, we are just kinda in survival mode right now, til we get everything straightened out with finding a real estate agent, etc. and waiting for spring to arrive and stay for awhile-lol
Have a wonderful new week everyone.


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