Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Just "Doings" and Stuff

It's a pretty sunny day today, cooler and extremely windy. We have had very high winds most of the week now. My allergies are definately out of wack now-trying to sit here at the computer and do bills and other stuff and I am getting more nauseated by the hour. Oh well, comes with the change into Spring. Much colder air is on the way too-back to the woodstoves tonight and for the next week. sigh
I did plant a few seeds into the big pots thatwere already set up outside. Turnip greens, spinach, salad mix, bok choy-mini size, and peas. We did not locate any mushrooms yesterday out in our woods, thinking of going out pretty soon to take another look-once we get into the colder temps, the mushrooms we are looking for won't be around any more.
I decided to order more soap base, so I could make some more lavender and butterfly soaps for mothers day to sell. Good thinking as they had a note on their site that prices were going up April first. I ordered all natural bases again plus I wanted to try the suspension base for oatmeal soap.
I will be adding some of my natural dyed fabric for sale as well, the ones I did with mimosa leaves, onion skins, marigolds, and goldenrod. I just got in the kaffe fassett material I ordered for the special order of accupuncture pillows I am making for a customer-the fabric is sooo lovely, I just love his patterns and fabrics.
I was about to give up hope on ever hearing back from a realtor-any realtor-and we finally got a call yesterday afternoon. It seems that they are actually swamped right now as the foreclosures are beginning to get dumped on the market already. I also was so frustrated that I looked for charities online to donate our property to (against hubbys wishes), and I found the Salvation Army has a nice choice for giving. If they can use your property they will pay below market value and then you also get a voucher for the rest as a tax deduction on your taxes. So, I finally have some action, so prayers for a good outcome-I really really want this property and stress Gone this year-sooner the better actually.
We ate so much food when our friends were here, much more than I normally eat-so thinking of making a pot of onion soup tonight-that is sooo good, we just love it, and it will be light eating.
I need to get off here, and get some more wood in, we have alot of rain and storms do in here too. Another friend will be coming in for a week tomorrow morning-bummer for him that the weather is turning as he wanted to do alot of fishing.
catch ya all later on


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