Friday, March 18, 2011

I'll be Offline for Several Days and Tips for Diabetes Diets-Healthy Mondays Early

Our friends will be arriving this afternoon,I also have some last minute things to do before the weekend. No fun, could not sleep last night-probably only got 2 hours sleep, so trying to get everything done this morning so I can try and take a nap. Already finished up the laundry, and made a batch of gluten free cupcakes. lol The last of the floors need to be hand scrubbed, bake an angel food cake and I am good to go til about 2 pm then I will start on the lasagna and gluten free french bread for dinner tonight.
A little post for Healthy Mondays early. I have needed to watch our diets for many years now-Larry for his diabetes, cardiac, etc, and my gluten free needs for celiac.
I go down a recipe's ingredients and just change most of them. Biggest tips I learned for diabetes is only whole grains-including homemade baked items(no white flour), and fats-fats are huge-I think even more important than sugars. I don't use butter any more in baking, except once in awhile and then only a couple tablespoons in a baked item. I use very light olive oil-which is excellent for moistness too.
I have played around with sugars over the years, most all baked cookies etc have way too much sugar in them to begin with. So I always cut that in half from the start-and then use different things-stevia, splenda, organic sugars, agave, honey, molasses-all these I use half stevia or splenda and then the other half a sugar. This really cuts back on the sugar amount per serving, and does not effect the quality of the end product.
Alot of cake recipes work well made into cupcakes instead of a cake, which lowers the portion size too right off.
Thought I would share a few sites with good information:
Enjoy your weekend!


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