Saturday, March 12, 2011

Gorgeous Day In the Ozarks Today

I left early this morning with my neighbor and we did our day in the "city" today. When one lives out in the country like we do-you make a list of what needs to be done in town-and you just make a day of it.
Since we ended up with full sunshine and warmth by 10 am it was just a beautiful day to be out. We checked out a new quilt fabric store that I had read about in the paper. The owners live out in the country behind the hospital in town, and she converted a building to half stuff that her husband sells, and the other half was her area. Around here there are several little quilt shops like this, that go to Arkansas and similiar places, and buy qualtiy fabrics at discounted prices because they are not the newest lines.This keeps the price per yard down to 5 to 6.00 which is nice.
I was delighted to find a few reproduction fabrics, and I bought 2 to add to my 1830's collection. I will have enough to probably make 2 to 3 quilts now-lol but that is ok, cause I just love the fabrics in this time period. I also have a good stash of civil war reproduction era fabrics too. I hope to get these projects started by fall this year.
Well, I am going to make home made pizza tonight, so I need to relax a bit and then get started on that soon. Larry is off fishing-a perfect day to be at the river.


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