Saturday, March 12, 2011

Art Sunday Tasha Tudor

I was first introduced to the works of this lovely-farmgirl-illustrator lady last year by one of my blog friends. My Mary Jane Farmgirl's magazine came last week and they did an article on her, seeing her works, and reading about her life makes me smile, so I would like to share her works today for art sunday.
I can relate to her lifestyle, because she loved the 1830's and lived the last part of her life in a hand built home with tools in her home from that era.
A little about her life here and here

from here

from here

last photos and many more here
Her family continues her lifestyle and shares her works thru their website from the homepage:

Her art and lifestyle are not born from imagination alone. Her cherished stories and illustrations come from a place much deeper. They are inspired by sitting beside the fire in a handmade rocking chair, gardening or throwing a birthday party for a beloved pet. Here, afternoon tea parties are tradition; not something to be rushed through on the way back from lunch hour.
The family of Tasha Tudor continues this rich way of life. And even though they provide a vivid look into the past, their home is not a museum. It is a place built from the land, not just on top of it; where all necessities, from food to firewood, are gathered from nature and even a wedding dress must be made by hand.
Tasha's family is proud to share their family stories and crafts with a collection of fine items including prints, furniture, aprons, quilts, dolls and more. All created in a place of natural wonder where pets are spoken to like people, and even dolls have an enchanted life all their own.
Started in 1999, this multi-generational company is owned and run by Seth and Marjorie Tudor, Jennifer Tudor Wyman, and Winslow and Amy Tudor.


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