Tuesday, March 29, 2011

"Doings" Today

Today we went to the resale shops, mostly to drop off another box of stuff we don't need any more, and to see what we could use instead-lol
I came away with some nice finds, several wool pieces for my crafts, and another vintage quilt. This one has some indigo fabrics, feedsacks, shirts, etc. It is just the top, all hand pieced. Is actually in good shape, no tears, but need to sew one seam back together. I am going to soak it in Biz tomorrow, and then handwash it. I would probably keep this one instead of selling it, but it has alot of blocks with big red poka dots-lol Not sure yet if I like that or not. I love the indigos though and the feedsacks.
They had a couple wedding ring quilts too-one just the top, and another very pretty one all hand quilted. We will check back in a couple weeks on those to see if they are still there and marked down a bit. The animal shelter's thrift shop that we visit, has such fantastic finds. They take on alot of estates, so they get in alot of vintage pieces.
I think, or at least I hope today is the peak of me feeling sick. It's all in my chest now, so that sets off my asthma too. It has been quite chilly here, and rainy-a big change from the 80s we had a couple weeks ago. Hot shower tonight and to bed early again. lol
Of course I need to check out my favorite shows, both NCIS are new shows tonight.
Oh, and I bought me a fishing license and a trout license today too, hoping Larry will teach me to trout fish. I have not been fishing since I was a child fishing blue gills with my Grandpa.
Have an awesome evening!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Healthy Mondays Spring Soups

It sure is not feeling like Spring anymore here in the Ozarks, so soups definately do sound good with these cold temps. We may even have a touch of snow in the morning
Nettles Spring Soup here I have not tried nettles yet-have any of you??

French Spring Soup with Fava Beans here
Rodale shares 5 spring soups, including a pea soup here

Get your Soup On--lol Have an awesome new week everyone!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Art Sunday Camille Pissarro

I would like to feature an artist born in 1830, Camille Pissarro. I found a well written biography here

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Just "Doings" and Stuff

It's a pretty sunny day today, cooler and extremely windy. We have had very high winds most of the week now. My allergies are definately out of wack now-trying to sit here at the computer and do bills and other stuff and I am getting more nauseated by the hour. Oh well, comes with the change into Spring. Much colder air is on the way too-back to the woodstoves tonight and for the next week. sigh
I did plant a few seeds into the big pots thatwere already set up outside. Turnip greens, spinach, salad mix, bok choy-mini size, and peas. We did not locate any mushrooms yesterday out in our woods, thinking of going out pretty soon to take another look-once we get into the colder temps, the mushrooms we are looking for won't be around any more.
I decided to order more soap base, so I could make some more lavender and butterfly soaps for mothers day to sell. Good thinking as they had a note on their site that prices were going up April first. I ordered all natural bases again plus I wanted to try the suspension base for oatmeal soap.
I will be adding some of my natural dyed fabric for sale as well, the ones I did with mimosa leaves, onion skins, marigolds, and goldenrod. I just got in the kaffe fassett material I ordered for the special order of accupuncture pillows I am making for a customer-the fabric is sooo lovely, I just love his patterns and fabrics.
I was about to give up hope on ever hearing back from a realtor-any realtor-and we finally got a call yesterday afternoon. It seems that they are actually swamped right now as the foreclosures are beginning to get dumped on the market already. I also was so frustrated that I looked for charities online to donate our property to (against hubbys wishes), and I found the Salvation Army has a nice choice for giving. If they can use your property they will pay below market value and then you also get a voucher for the rest as a tax deduction on your taxes. So, I finally have some action, so prayers for a good outcome-I really really want this property and stress Gone this year-sooner the better actually.
We ate so much food when our friends were here, much more than I normally eat-so thinking of making a pot of onion soup tonight-that is sooo good, we just love it, and it will be light eating.
I need to get off here, and get some more wood in, we have alot of rain and storms do in here too. Another friend will be coming in for a week tomorrow morning-bummer for him that the weather is turning as he wanted to do alot of fishing.
catch ya all later on

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

My dragonfly soap got chosen for etsy showcase


I"m Back----if Just for a Bit

The second couple left for home in Wisconsin this morning. We have another friend in Chicago that is driving down after work Wednesday-so will be here early Thursday morning-and staying for several days. I need to figure out what we will be eating-lol
It was a really nice visit, the first day was cool and then very stormy, but then it jumped up to the 80s for two days. We went fishing, some went mall shopping, we all ate and ate-lol Both couples brought down food for a meal, plus breakfast food-so I had lots of help in the kitchen this time. Each couple brought me Packer gifts too. I got a superbowl Green Bay Packer shirt from one, and I also received a 6 pack of super bowl beer. I had asked if they could find it would love some, to sit on the shelf with my other super bowl beer that was won with Favre.
We will be doing more fishing this week if weather permits, and this afternoon we are going spring mushroom hunting-as some should be out now.
Good news, I have been selling more items at my Etsy shop-so excited about that-it took two years over there to finally get noticed. This week I sold one of my flower pounded on kona cotton pieces, and just sold some other items too.
I am off to get caught up on some things, before our next guest arrives. What have you all been up to? Sorry have not had the chance to be on the computer this week.

Friday, March 18, 2011

I'll be Offline for Several Days and Tips for Diabetes Diets-Healthy Mondays Early

Our friends will be arriving this afternoon,I also have some last minute things to do before the weekend. No fun, could not sleep last night-probably only got 2 hours sleep, so trying to get everything done this morning so I can try and take a nap. Already finished up the laundry, and made a batch of gluten free cupcakes. lol The last of the floors need to be hand scrubbed, bake an angel food cake and I am good to go til about 2 pm then I will start on the lasagna and gluten free french bread for dinner tonight.
A little post for Healthy Mondays early. I have needed to watch our diets for many years now-Larry for his diabetes, cardiac, etc, and my gluten free needs for celiac.
I go down a recipe's ingredients and just change most of them. Biggest tips I learned for diabetes is only whole grains-including homemade baked items(no white flour), and fats-fats are huge-I think even more important than sugars. I don't use butter any more in baking, except once in awhile and then only a couple tablespoons in a baked item. I use very light olive oil-which is excellent for moistness too.
I have played around with sugars over the years, most all baked cookies etc have way too much sugar in them to begin with. So I always cut that in half from the start-and then use different things-stevia, splenda, organic sugars, agave, honey, molasses-all these I use half stevia or splenda and then the other half a sugar. This really cuts back on the sugar amount per serving, and does not effect the quality of the end product.
Alot of cake recipes work well made into cupcakes instead of a cake, which lowers the portion size too right off.
Thought I would share a few sites with good information:
Enjoy your weekend!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Would You Believe it is Really Snowing Here in the Ozarks???

Yes-it really is, we got alot of rain late yesterday and most of the night. They had predicted a possibility of a rain snow mix. We woke this morning with about a 1/2 an inch on the ground, but it has been snowing all day. It is a wet snow, but it is still sticking to trees, ground, roads etc-quite a change from our near 70 degrees over the weekend.
A couple days of cold, and then by wednesday I guess we will be back in the 70s pretty normal actually for spring time in the ozarks. Our friends will be coming in from Wisconsin on friday-so hoping the weekend stays nice and warm, and no rain. Lots of fun things to do with them-huge county garage sale, fishing, picnics if nice, walks in the parks etc.
Wow, I wanted to sell most of my organic cotton batting-as it was just taking over all of my upper shelves in my craft room. I have now gotton back two sets of shelves-yeh! I saved back two bags of lengths-enough to do a few quilts, or use as stuffing in pillows etc. I sold 3 more pieces over the weekend. So now I am down to just two odd pieces, and a few small gallon bags of this cotton. This has at least brought people to my shop, and I have gotton excellent reviews-so happy about that. Now if I could just sell some things I like to make-lol my soaps, hand dyes, pillows etc. I am greatful though, and it is fun to be back in a little business again. Larry and I always had a home business of some sort. Last one was 20 plus years of breeding exotic birds and selling food etc for them.
Well, I need to get off here, and get back to cleaning house-
Happy New Week All

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Art Sunday Tasha Tudor

I was first introduced to the works of this lovely-farmgirl-illustrator lady last year by one of my blog friends. My Mary Jane Farmgirl's magazine came last week and they did an article on her, seeing her works, and reading about her life makes me smile, so I would like to share her works today for art sunday.
I can relate to her lifestyle, because she loved the 1830's and lived the last part of her life in a hand built home with tools in her home from that era.
A little about her life here and here

from here

from here

last photos and many more here
Her family continues her lifestyle and shares her works thru their website from the homepage:

Her art and lifestyle are not born from imagination alone. Her cherished stories and illustrations come from a place much deeper. They are inspired by sitting beside the fire in a handmade rocking chair, gardening or throwing a birthday party for a beloved pet. Here, afternoon tea parties are tradition; not something to be rushed through on the way back from lunch hour.
The family of Tasha Tudor continues this rich way of life. And even though they provide a vivid look into the past, their home is not a museum. It is a place built from the land, not just on top of it; where all necessities, from food to firewood, are gathered from nature and even a wedding dress must be made by hand.
Tasha's family is proud to share their family stories and crafts with a collection of fine items including prints, furniture, aprons, quilts, dolls and more. All created in a place of natural wonder where pets are spoken to like people, and even dolls have an enchanted life all their own.
Started in 1999, this multi-generational company is owned and run by Seth and Marjorie Tudor, Jennifer Tudor Wyman, and Winslow and Amy Tudor.

Gorgeous Day In the Ozarks Today

I left early this morning with my neighbor and we did our day in the "city" today. When one lives out in the country like we do-you make a list of what needs to be done in town-and you just make a day of it.
Since we ended up with full sunshine and warmth by 10 am it was just a beautiful day to be out. We checked out a new quilt fabric store that I had read about in the paper. The owners live out in the country behind the hospital in town, and she converted a building to half stuff that her husband sells, and the other half was her area. Around here there are several little quilt shops like this, that go to Arkansas and similiar places, and buy qualtiy fabrics at discounted prices because they are not the newest lines.This keeps the price per yard down to 5 to 6.00 which is nice.
I was delighted to find a few reproduction fabrics, and I bought 2 to add to my 1830's collection. I will have enough to probably make 2 to 3 quilts now-lol but that is ok, cause I just love the fabrics in this time period. I also have a good stash of civil war reproduction era fabrics too. I hope to get these projects started by fall this year.
Well, I am going to make home made pizza tonight, so I need to relax a bit and then get started on that soon. Larry is off fishing-a perfect day to be at the river.

Song Saturday Waitin' on a Sunny Day

Thursday, March 10, 2011

This week seems to have "flown" by

Can't believe tomorrow is friday already. We've been under so much stress over a few happenings here, one was completed and off our list this morning. So that's a good thing.
Still haven't found a realtor yet, so still working on that. On a good note I have people visiting my Etsy shop and I am still selling off my organic cotton batting. I am down to one more to sell. I also sold the green and pink vintage quilt I found last year-so is nice to have some "action" in my shop. I have an order for 9 pillows too for an accupuncturist-so we are still working on fabrics for those. I will be stuffing them with flax seeds.
Also have Larry's web site up too. So, I feel like we are making some progress. Kinda fun being back in our little business's too. and shipping items is so much easier now thru click and ship at usps.
Still cold here and windy, but tomorrow will finally be warmer. Making progress on my cleaning efforts too, getting ready for our company next weekend.
I also have my hand quilting figured out now for my mom's log cabin quilt. I tried varigated thread and decided I didn't like it. I also needed to change needles, as this batting is a little on the thicker side for hand quilting. I had used medium loft polyester batting for Mr. L's bd quilt and this was the left over scraps. I usually don't use anything but natural fibers, but the polyester worked better for Mr. L's quilt. anyways I am now quilting with a dark green thread and looks nice.
that's about it, what are you all up to this weekend?? any plans

Monday, March 7, 2011

Healthy Mondays Spring Tonics

Back in the 70s I lived in NC for a few years, time spent on the coast in Wrightsville Beach, and also inland in the country. I will always remember learning about using sassafras tea bark for a spring tonic-I love the flavor and aromas of sassafras too. Living here in rural Missouri, the locals here do the same.
I found this article on spring greens here I also found many articles on the value of dandelions for use as a spring tonic, below is one of them:
Renewing Spring Tonic from Care 2 here
Just as we see the first emergence of the bright green leaves and yellow flowers of dandelions in the spring, it is worth remembering an age-old tradition of drinking (organic) dandelion tea as a renewing tonic to wake us up with the land around us after a long winter. Try this regenerative dandelion tea to give yourself (and your kidneys and liver) a fresh start:
Dandelion Root Tea
Dandelion tea is rich in minerals and is known as a cleanser of the kidneys and liver, and a very healing herbal remedy that strengthens the entire system. As one of the gentlest and safest diuretics, so it is also a boon during premenstrual syndrome, and is traditionally a good addition to the diet of diabetics.

Buy dandelion root at the health food store.
4 cups pure water
6 tablespoons dried dandelion root (1 year old minimum)
6 tablespoons dried dandelion leaf (double amount if fresh) (optional)

Simmer the dandelion root in the water, uncovered, for 20 minutes, then strain the liquid over the dandelion leaf. Cover tightly and steep for another 20 minutes; strain the tea again.
Fresh Dandelion Leaves
You can also eat dandelion leaves, presuming they are organic. Eat them raw in a salad, or steamed. The leaves are very alkaline and purify and build the blood, cleanse and regenerate cells.

I also found excellent reading with a little history about taking the spring tonics at the Herb Companion here and more information on sassafras tea at Ehow here Also, for further information, check my tags for sassafras.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Just a Little of my Doings

It has been sooooo cold this weekend, especially after getting used to a few days of high 60's-lol
So, I have been doing a little baking. Yesterday I made my banana bread recipe and added my own cracked black walnuts and some currents too-very nice. I decided to make this when Mr. L shared a big chunk of fresh cream cheese he had picked up at the amish store-this is so nice it is like spreading butter.
I also made a up a few small batches of cookies. Some nice treats for us.
Today, I decided to bag up what I had left of my mimosa leaves for dye, and offer them up for sale and see if there is an interest. I am noticing alot of what is selling on etsy is supplies. I may add a few of my quilting fabrics as they are not something I am using any more.
I asked Larry if he would make me up one raised bed for a little garden area, and place it up near the house with my other large pots. Hopefully the deer will continue to stay away from this area.
Larry is still catching fish-yeh!!
Not much else new happening here, we are just kinda in survival mode right now, til we get everything straightened out with finding a real estate agent, etc. and waiting for spring to arrive and stay for awhile-lol
Have a wonderful new week everyone.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Fabulous Giveaway

I just found out about this wonderful giveaway from one of my blog friends here, so had to share check it out here at the Bird's Papaya


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