Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Wednesday Morning

Thanks all for thinking of me. All things considered-we are doing good this morning.
Lots of blowing and drifting snow now, and very frigid wind chills thru tomorrow morning. Lows tonight they said 10 below to 25 below-thats really really cold, heating with wood stoves.
I quilted a couple rows on my quilt and Larry comes over to talk and looks down-and says I don't think you have a very straight line there. I get up and look-and wow-he was right-looked awful. I measured from the bottom of quilt to get to the center-and thought I made a straight line-wrong-lol
So I took it all out, and will figure out what to do today-I love to hand quilt, but the marking for me is really difficult. I usually mark as I go with little flowers etc, and these straight lines were suppose to help me get it quilted-fast.-well so far that's not happening.
Larry is selling stuff on ebay, he started a little business, and I have started selling a little bit on my etsy shop. We got lots of packages out to the post office on monday before the storm hit, but now we have several more labeled and ready to go-I need to call the post office and see if they will be attempting delivery today-if so, will trudge thru the snow and these packages will fit in our box. There is no way Larry can start digging us out with the John Deere dozer til the high winds stop, and we get warmer.
The news has been warning everyone about frostbite now.
I don't see that happening til at least friday. The next situation will be trying to get more wood to the house. I brought up alot of wood on sunday and monday-but will need to restock friday if its warm-that will be good exercise bringing armfulls in instead of wheel barrel fulls. In these situations I just envision living in the early 1800s-lol
I think today will be a good day to make a batch of chocolate cupcakes.
Sorry if this sounded like complaining-so thankful we have electric.
Catch ya all in a bit.


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