Thursday, February 3, 2011

Thursday Morning

This is a photo of what I sent to my Mary Jane Farmgirls Mailart swap partner for this month-vintage valentines, red belt that was handmade, a little card, and a heart mini filled with rice and organic lavender flowers
Brrrrrrrrr it is sooooooo cold here this morning-below zero-don't want to know how much below-lol Thank goodness for not getting alot of wind to make it even colder.
This bitter cold was to end this morning, but they have extended it for another 24 hours-so no working on getting dug out of here today. Larry was going to start up the John Deer dozer yesterday-but where the key fits in-was totally iced over-so key can't go in. When I lived and worked in Illinois I always had those little de icers in my purse for just that reason-down here in Missouri we shouldn't need them-wrong-
I need to get bundled up in winter gear soon, and feed the barn kitties. It is sooo cold outside that Nikita is staying inside-so I know it is bad out there.
I ended up making chocolate cake instead of cupcakes yesterday. I have that mini angel food cake pan, and it was the perfect size. I had one more package left of Bob's Red Mill gf chocolate cake mix. I use oil instead of butter-and it makes the cake sooo much more moist. I also had a bag in the freezer of dark chocolate chunks for homemade ice cream making-that I picked up at one of the amish food stores. There were no ingredients listed, but it said the chocolate would stay soft in the ice cream. I thought perhaps if I stirred these in the cake mix-they would melt-and make the cake wonderful.
It did!-the cake was super moist, with pockets of little melted chocolate thru out the cake-fabulous!
Today, I think I will make a couple of lavender/rice mini heart shaped pillows or sachets. I made one for my februray mary jane mailart swap-and it turned out so cute. Will put them on my etsy shop to sell.
We have both wood stoves going full blast, but the middle of the house is still very cold-so may need to bake some cookies or bread or something today-an excuse to turn the oven on.
How are the rest of you doing in the aftermath of this storm??


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