Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Snowing in the Ozarks-Again

Woke up to a gorgeous view here in the woods this morning. All the tree trunks and limbs are covered with snow-alway so beautiful.
We are getting a very light snow and will continue thru tomorrow evening. Already looks like 3 to 4 inches-don't think we are suppose to get too much more.
South and west of us is a different story though-some areas will get up to 10" of snow-especially northern Arkansas and probably Oklahoma again too. I don't wish these storms on anyone-but I am so happy we are not getting another blizzard on top of what we already have.
Good news is; after we go thru below 0 temps tonight we are headed for a warm up-50s by the weekend-which will hopefully melt the snow off of our driveway and roads so we can drive again.
This year, probably due to the budget, our rural roads here have not been taken care of very well at all. They stay snow covered, and after the blizzard was a thick layer of ice on them for many days afterwards. So, cause we don't have 4 wheel drive or a vehicle that can handle itself on these kinds of roads-we have gone no where for over a week now. Which is ok with me, cause I can always find craft projects to do-lol
That's about it for today-going back to tying the quilt.


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