Saturday, February 5, 2011

Saturday Morning

Woke up to 3" of new fallen snow. This snow stuck to all the tree's bark-so looks pretty out.
Getting ready to tackle the outside this morning-get wood in, feed the barn kitties, take out the ash buckets, and compost bucket too.
I just finished up two more little mini pillows for my etsy shop. I love little pillows sitting around-and these I made from vintage fabric for the backs, and reproduction quilt block prints of vintage veggie seeds. I stuffed them with organic cotton. A little promise of spring to come-hopefully sooner than later-although they are still predicting a few inches more of snow tomorrow and they are not saying yet how big the storm is for tuesday and wednesday-though it sounds like a repeat of what we just had.
I think I will make meatloaf today. I took out some meat yesterday to make it-but was not thawed so I made us ham and homemade pancakes for supper last night. I had maple syrup on hand, and that wild plum sauce I canned up-was sooo delicious on the pancakes. Nice supper for something different.
I guess I am off to tackle the outdoors-catch ya all in a bit


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