Thursday, February 17, 2011

Quilt Progress and Mini Pillows

Yesterday, I got the back edges brought forward and pinned to make the binding. That took alot longer than I figured, but it is ready to stitch down now. I worked on it a little bit last night when I couldn't sleep-will probably take me up to 6 hours to complete-I am a slow seamstress-lol
I also have been making a few more mini pillows stuffed with organic cotton, and one with lavender and rice. I also stuffed a couple minies with lavender and rice for sachets-Sandy will be crocheting those. I am pleased with this set of pillows-I used a couple of my sun painted pieces, and also a piece of my mimosa dyed cotton for the black and yellow print-it matched so perfectly.
Once I finish up with the hand stitching I will post them in my Etsy shop (link on my front page) and also in my marketplace here on my front page.
The wind is quite wicked outside so am working in the house as not to get my allergies acting up any more then they already are.
I see some cold weather moving back in next week, so need to bring up some wood to fill the rack, maybe later this afternoon. Later


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