Tuesday, February 1, 2011

My Ozarks Winter Wonderland So Far

I bundled up and fed our barn kitties, found some things Larry needed in his shop, took Nikita for a walk-she loves this weather, and took a broom and swept around the gate-if I don't do that-we won't be able to open it-lol
No exageration by the weather folks either-the snow is coming down 2" an hour-we have at least 4-6 already I would estimate from taking a walk, it is wild too-though it is mostly big snow flakes-it is also icy as well. If this keeps up thru wednesday morning-we will definately get the 15-20 inches they are predicting.
We should be one of the lucky ones though, cause although it started out as ice and sleet-it went over pretty quickly to snow-so that is a huge blessing--thank you Mr. Winter.
We have a bench up near the house-so I sat there and snapped a few shots just now, with the blowing snow-my camera was getting too wet otherwise. I took a photo of Nikita-she Loves this-lol In the first photo-the big pile in the back is not all snow-its a pile of soil with snow on top.


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