Monday, February 28, 2011

March 1st-Opening Trout Season in Missouri

We live fairly close to Bennett Springs, Mo. and I always thought this was too cool how over 2,000 fisherman line the river and when the bell soundsat 6:30 am they can all cast their lines.
I don't fish, have never tried fly fishing; but even if I did I couldn't imagine trying to cast with so many poles all lined up. Larry-no way---however, he is going fishing with Mr. L tomorrow morning early but further down the river and not in the park-so shouldn't be so crowded.
It will be very cold early in the morning though-in the low 20s-but will eventually warm up to 60 with sunshine.
Here's wishing all you fisherman a great day.
a few links here and here and from the Mo. Conservation here
and I found some photos here of fish caught in Missouri's trout parks


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