Sunday, February 20, 2011

Just Stuff

This was one of those moody, slow Sundays. Very windy, humid, rainy too. We will be back to more normal much cooler temps by tonight. Sigh
I finally started going thru papers for taxes, and the month's bills this morning-that's usually a depressant in itself lol
I was bummed that neither of those hand quilted baby quilts sold on ebay. I decided to put one of them back on as an auction instead of the buy it now, and for the other one I was seriously thinking of donating it to the pregnancy center for some lucky baby.
However, I am glad I did not do that, cause I found a wonderful home for one of these quilts. One of my long time online quilting friends just got a big surprise.
Her daughter went to the doctor cause she wasn't feel well, and found out she is pregnant and is due mid March. Actually too, she found out she had twins, but one had died. So the family is frantically putting a nursery together. So, I think I found the perfect home for the lovely 4 patch spring fabrics quilt-I do love the hand quilting in that one. It's all packed up and ready to mail out on tuesday-they are having a shower for her on saturday. So I feel so much better that I found a baby that can use this quilt.
I worked most of the day yesterday on and off, hand sewing down the binding on the birthday quilt. I still have one long side left to do, but needed to take a break from it today. I also cut all the strings from the knots in half-and it looks so much better. I had thought of doing that when I first took it off the frame, and then didn't think about it again, til Sea Nymph suggested to cut them-so glad I did now. Thanks Sea
Oh and I wanted to pass along a tip that I learned from a pbs Julia Child show yesterday. They had a husband wife chef team on-and they were making a citrus tart. Since they were slicing fresh lemons real thin he was using organic. However, he said allot of times he can't find nice organic citrus-so what he does is; bring a pot of water to boil-add the citrus whole to the water for about 10 seconds-plunge in cold water-and you can scrub all the wax off. He said this should also take the pesticides off too.
I thought this was a neat idea. I think I would scrub off what I could of the wax, and then spray with my bottles of vinegar and hydrogen peroxide to get rid of the pesticides for sure-and then rinse in cold water. Thought this was a great tip-cause I don't always have access to organic citrus.
Enjoy your new week all


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