Thursday, February 24, 2011

Just Stuff and Watching Dr. Quinn

When this first aired-it was my most favorite show ever. Set in Colorado Springs, Co after the civil war-it was just a bit after my favorite time period that I always loved watching or reading about.
Noooo I never got into watching the Waltons-don't know why exactly just never cared for that show.
I had missed the last two years and the two movies-that I didn't even know about, when they first aired-cause of my work hours at the time had changed.
Last year I discovered that the channel GAC was rerunning the entire series in order. I was watching it from time to time-these past few weeks-I have been glued to the tv in the evenings watching the episodes I had missed. I am just about up to the 6th season-the bad thing is they start running them at 4 in the afternoon with back to back in order episodes til 8 pm--I know I must be nuts but I always loved Jane Seymore-someone I always admired, she is about a year and a half younger than me-and well just someone I have admired for her achievments thru the years.
When I finished making and washing up the birthday quilt, I told Larry I wanted to give it to Mr. L right away. He was just going thru alot of "stuff" and I said he needed a big hug now-not later for his birthday. He loved it, gave me a big hug, and Larry says the quilt is all he talks about now when he sees him-lol He told me yesterday that his wife put the quilt o their bed-and discovered all the pockets I had left on in the shirts-so this quilt did what I wanted-delivered hugs and comfort.
Last year when I visited my Mom in Indiana, she gave me two quilt tops she had made from scraps. She usually makes these up, pays to have them quilted and then gives them to charity. She offered them to me, and I gladly took them so I could practice my hand quilting skills on them, and so I would have more of her quilts too.
The one I am working on now is about 50" X 60" and she made the log cabin block and set them on point. My Mom will be 82 this year, and after her bad illness last year, she now has beginning dimentia. I think she had this last year when we visited her, but she now is taking some new medicine which I believe is really helping her. Anyways-my Mom is a total perfectionist-she got it from her Mom, and so that is how I got it-lol I am layering the quilt to baste-and I discover one side is really off-like an inch off in the length from the left side to the right side. So this morning I am going to take the borders off and see what I can do visually. Was quite an eye opener for me-I called my friend and said "Mom's make mistakes too" What a revelation for me.
What are you all doing today-we are expecting alot of rain today, hopefully no t storms.


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