Monday, February 7, 2011

Is it Spring Yet????

Such a damp cold and gloomy day today. With all the snow and ice still everywhere here, just not nice to do anything outside right now.
I even decided not to take Nikita for a walk in fear of falling-and I don't need that.
The weather reports are still showing a major storm coming in tomorrow night into wednesday-but some reports are looking like most of the snow could be just south of us this time.-hope so-as I am so sick of winter now.
I sold some more organic batting at my etsy shop over the weekend. I cut that big bale I had into long lengths and packaged it up-but has been taking over all my shelf space in my craft room. So I really dropped the price on it, and have sold around 7 pieces now. This is fabulous stuff too, for stuffing little homemade animal toys and such for babies and little ones., I also use it for pillow making too. Want to save back about a third of what I have, and sell the rest. Van get some things off the floor and up on the shelves then.
My goal is to be able to finally get myself set up for weaving by year's end. and I am learning more and more about our friend Mr.L-he is an excellent woodworker and used to make weaving tools and the Great Wheel for spinning. and he knows how to spin-he is getting bored, and wants to get back into this. I would love to learn how to spin on the Great Wheel. So that was exciting for me. as my true creative spirit wants to weave and spin.
I also changed my mind again on the quilt I am making for his birthday. To be realistic, I am a slow hand quilter, and to be finished by March 17th is too stressful for me. So this morning I took out all the hand quilting I had done-again-lol. found some crochet thread-and decided to knot it instead. I can knot it while on the frame-and will definately go much faster-should have the quilt finished this week-which will be a good thing. It even looks like I have straight lines now too. (this was my original intention, and I had forgotton I still had some crochet thread, as I like using that more than yarn-doesn't tear the fabric)
That's about it for here, still stuck in the house, which really does not bother me all that much, cause the driveway is solid ice now-and we don't have a vehicle any more that can handle it. Our good friend Mr. L has been stopping by and taking Larry up to the post office so we can mail our packages, and today they went up town for a couple items. Larry feels better if he can get out of the house a bit.
I ran out of bird seed, so I have been feeding them the cracked corn I have-100 pounds of it-lol I had purchased it for the deer and turkeys but the snow is too deep to put it out for them. The birds seem to be eating it ok.
Here's hoping we don't get another blizzard-and you all don't either.


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