Friday, February 11, 2011


Today is definately a prettier and warmer friday than it was last week. We have full sunshine now, and although it is still cold out here, and the snow is still deep-it is quite beautiful here in the woods-lots of sparkles in the snow. Lots of bird activity.
I even took Nikita for a short walk this morning, filled the bird feeders with cracked corn-that's what I have left now, and did some other outdoor chores.
I am catching up on some laundry, have a pot of navy beans with a giant ham bone cooking away since yesterday afternoon, and getting ready to get back on my quilt.
I am over the half way mark now on tying-so hope to be done with that before the weekend is over. I will hand quilt a bit in the borders, sew the binding and label on, wash-and will be all ready for next month.
I decided just now to cancel my multiply business account. Was very dissappointed over there-very little traffic, too costly to get "verified" every year-and just not worth it. This was based out of Asia I thought they said, and were expanding and rolling this out in the States. So don't know if that didn't happen yet or what, but decided not worth my time-and will continue to expand my etsy shop instead.
I have after two years, finally picked up a few sales over on etsy. Dissappointed though, that I haven't sold any of my dragonfly soap-everyone that has tried my soap as gifts, or the friends here that purchased bars just loves it-so I know the natural melt and pour I used was a good one.
With the melt we may actually be able to drive again-lol next week-that will be a good thing.
any plans for your upcoming weekend??


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