Friday, February 4, 2011

Friday Morning Here

No sunshine today, but also no wind, and the temps are finally close to the low 20s-so actually feels warm out there-lol
Today, I wanted to dig a path to the wood pile, so I could get the wheel barrel in and out for wood. Just finished that-quite a job. The snow is really heavy now, and since there is so much snow out there I needed to make two scoops full in the same spot. Not cut out for this job any more-lol.
When I finished, I thought I would venture out further and take Nikita for a short walk-we haven't gone in two days cause it was just too cold for me. That was wild--trudging thru deep snow, Nikita's back hips and legs are bad-so they got a work out-good for her though to really have to use those muscles-she fell down just once.
I am done for the day, my back needs a rest now, so I can handle bringing in all the wood tomorrow. We are suppose to get two days of sunshine and just above freezing, so Larry will try to get the John Deere dozer started and clear the driveway-not that we will be driving anywheres, but it will make it easier for me to walk down to get the mail. We don't have 4 wheel drive any longer, so our truck would never make it up and down our drive. Good thing I have food in jars and in the freezer-lol
Bad news is tuesday thru wednesday they are predicting another big snow storm-yikes-definately don't need another foot of snow.
Yesterday I did make two little hearts and filled them with rice and organic lavender. Need to finish up a little embroidery on one, and then can put them in my etsy shop.
I don't know much about Texas, but heard they got some of this blizzard too-actually ours started in Texas-so it is still very cold there for the Super Bowl. No fun for the fans.
I will catch up our blogs in a bit.


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