Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My Day

This was our week to take in another box or bag to the resale shop. This time I had some "good" stuff to take in, and hopefully will make a bit of money.
We actually went to our two favorite resale shops without buying much-me nothing, and my friend a neat little sewing tool.
We needed to do a little food shopping too, me mostly veggies, and some fresh fruits. I was happy that we were able to find usa grown veggies this time-yeh! One store that we started to check out more now had a sale of 10 frozen bags, mostly around 12 ounces each, for 10.00-and they were mostly usa-so was happy about that, so I got a good variety of veggies this time. My diet right now is consuming lots of veggies.
Lots of shoppers at Wal mart, cause we have snow coming in, but was able to pick up some nice fresh fruits there. When I got home needed to get some wood in up by the house, take Nikita for a walk, and I even walked up to the mailbox. When I was finished-the snow started-came down really hard, but we are just getting a few inches, but the temps will be dropping to 4 degrees by friday morning-brrrr.
One good thing about this winter, we have been getting a couple warm up days thrown in between storms.
I decided to try selling my two hand quilted baby quilts on ebay this week-so positive thoughts please on that-
I am back to embroidering my flower blocks-have 12 of them, and I had sent my Mom 12 blocks of sunbonnet sue blocks that match mine-she has all of hers done but 2 now, and I am on my 4th one-lol-so I am working on these in the evening. Would like to get mine finished by June-so we can put a quilt top together.
That's about it here, staying warm, finding stuff to sell to make some dollars, and doing a bit of crafts.


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