Saturday, January 15, 2011

A Little Setback on my Diet

After a week of my symptoms, I finally put it all together, that I went off my diet enough the last couple months-to have my old symptoms return-full blown.
This brings back to mind what I went thru about 15 years or more ago, reading and exploring my body health issues.
I got out my old standby book Prescription For Nutritional Healing by Bach off the shelf and started re reading again. I have the 2000 issue, I see online they have had several updates since this one.
This is an excellent book to have on your shelf for self healing. It helped me back then, to put it all together, and helped me with diet, supplements, herbs, exercises,etc. to help me. For me, this is the best I have found with very real useful practical information. It also suggests when to see your doctor. I decided to write this post to share this book, and to share that if you really listen to your body-you can self heal. Doctors are helpful to help you pinpoint the problem-but back when I first got into trouble-no one was really aware of celiac disease-I discovered that on my own.
So, I re read about IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) and then celiac disease again. Made my list of supplements I don't have, re read about things I need to be doing again-and hopefully I can heal myself within a month's time.
I haven't eaten any wheat products, but I over ate the gluten free baked products, added back in too much dairy, too much sugary foods, and even too much alcohol. Not that the amount I drank would really be too much for "normal" people-a shot of my homemade brandys a couple times a week during December-but it added to the problem.
For some reason I stopped taking my supplements-my vitamins, etc. so now I know those really do work-who knows with me why I stopped that. lol
Also, stress has brought this back on too. We are going thru financial nightmares right now with our Illinois property.
So lesson learned-Back to my very strict diet for at least a month or more, back on my supplements, deep breathing exercises-which will help my asthma too, exercise-I do get that daily, and try not to stress so much-that's a hard one.
Now to figure out what I have on hand that is soft diet-back on my whey protein shakes, drinking chicken stocks and beef stocks, back on certain herb teas, steamed veggies-etc. No fun, but at least I got my head back on as to the problem-lol


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