Sunday, January 2, 2011

Kind of a Lazy Day Today

I woke up really tired, cause our Nikita couldn't settle down and was in and out, and howling, and then wanting to come inside, and then wanting to go outside again-lol I finally gave up sleeping and just stayed up around 5 am-which is usually the time I wake up anyways.
I wanted to relate, that we are really enjoying my home canned foods this year. I usually put up lots of fruit, but then I am usually stingy with them-and save them for a back up-lol Larry says to stop saving all this food. Well, this season I am making a point to use and enjoy all this food I put up.
The no sugar jams are all excellent, so far the only one I would not make again is the watermellon jam-that one was so-so.
I also was not happy with my salsa this year, the tomatoes were not nice at all due to the weather here this summer, so I think that was alot of the problem, I am straining out the solids and then re-spicing it or adding to chunky canned tomatoes-so it won't go to waste. Somehow, I got too much vinegar in there. Next time I will can my salsa in the pressure canner and then should not have that problem.
Tonight, since I had dinner in the oven, I decided to bake up a crisp using a quart of my peach pie filling. This canned up really really well-and will definately do this again, if I can find what I need at the amish store again.
My Mom had given me a mini pyrex baking dish, that was the perfect size. I put the peach filling in first, and then using my gluten free oatmeal-I mixed that with some melted butter and a little brown sugar, and I also added in some almond meal for flavor, along with a little cinnamon and a little splash of almond extract. Spread that mixture on top and baked-yummy!!
I was hoping to have been able to watch the 3pm game with the Packers and the Bears or at the very least follow along on the nfl channel.
They aired the Dallas game instead, and I didn't realize that the second games were not on the nfl channel, so couldn't follow along by radio.
I did find out that the Packers won though and will be in the playoffs-Yeh!! Happy dancing for them. I also got to see the interview with Brett Favre, and he will be retiring I am sure this time-he is still suffering from the concussion and other injuries. I so enjoyed watching him play all these years.
I made it thru the all the tshirts and sweatshirts I wanted to save for quilts-they are all cut up in squares now and packed away for now. We learned Mr. L will be 70 in March-so I went thru my outdoorsy fabrics and shirts and want to make a quilt for him, got that about ready to start sewing.
Well, enough ramblings for now-Have a wonderful new week-Our first week of the new year.


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