Thursday, January 6, 2011

Just Some Thoughts of my Day (just a little politics)

I was happy to hear on PBS and the news that the Congress took the time to read out loud the Constitution of the United States. First time this has been done-and I thought a good reminder to all members

I am also happy to hear that the congress has up for a vote; a bill to repeal Obamacare. Of course the news media and everyone all say of course it won't go thru in the senate and if it should of course Obama will veto it. but then they fail to mention that when that happens it goes back to congress for another vote. I know the vote is not there in the Senate at this time, but they can try again in 2012.

On another matter, I heard on PBS last night that they are re writing one of Mark Twain's books and leaving out the N word and replacing it with the word slave. I found an article here

This is just too unbelievable to me-to change a writer's words-how dare they. I suppose that means if someone is offended by a painting they will just chose to re paint it? What do you think about this?? I'm sorry, but this is too unbelievable to me, to be politically correct in today's society-that they will re write Mark Twain's book. Books should not be re written but left as the author wrote them, and reading their works gives you a reflection of their time period in history.

On a lighter note-I took out a bag of frozen blackberries yesterday, and tonight I planned on baking up a cobbler. Wasn't sure what I was going to do for the cake part, til reading my new Mary Jane's Farm magazine. She had a recipe for blackberry coffee cake. I used her basic recipe but put the fruit on the bottom of the pan instead of mixing in with cake batter, I changed her cake batter to gluten free, and used her crumble topping of butter-sugar-cinnamon. Turned out soooo yummy


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