Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Just my Doings

I have bird feeders set up outside for viewing thru several windows now, and they have been quite busy with these bitter cold temps we are having now. We even got to watch one of the pileated woodpeckers on one of the trees here-I love to watch those-they are very large-and just very cool.
Found this photo online: here

Since we only heat with our woodstoves, when the temps get bitter cold, the house has alot of cold areas. The computer is now in one of those rooms, and it's soooo cold in there-lol So, I have not been on the computer too much this week.
It's also too cold to do alot of projects, but I did get thru alot of books, and I just finished up going thru 2 big boxes of photos-that most were just thrown in there. I managed to get most all the photos into albums, and by subject matter too. Photos from our bird business, and from activities while living in Illinois, then photos of moving down here, some photos of Mom's (Grandma's) farm. Just alot of memories in those boxes. Has been kinda fun just going thru these photos again. I fear another thing lost to computers.
Since we bought our digital camera, I no longer print any photos, the ones I want, are in albums at photobucket. I am thinking I need to check into those photo books and print off a few for those books. One for my rock shower, the pretty flowers we planted when we first moved here, the ice storms that killed everything we planted-I have some really nice photos in there. But then I have no one to pass all these photos down to, so may be a waste of time and money-have not decided on that yet.
I have been under the weather all last night and today. I ate something that my body definately did not like, so I have been in pain from that. Hope that all clears soon. I am afraid to eat anything now, so have been drinking hot chicken broth, ginger tea, and a little yogurt too. Decided to make up a fresh batach of beef soup for supper.
That's about it for my doings this week-Later--what are ya all doing?


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