Tuesday, January 4, 2011

In Search of Eagles

Ever since we retired and moved down here to the Lake of the Ozarks area of Missouri, I had heard there were eagles living here. Some live here in Missouri year round, and many others are here in January.
I have never seen one though. They have eagle days at the conservation area in Springfield, Mo. with telescopes etc set up to watch them, but we have never made it over there.
Within the last a coupleof weeks Larry and Mr. L have seen them. One day they saw lots of them fishing across from them in a river near Tunnel Dam. The day Mr. L comes in and says I just saw an eagle flying as I drove down your driveaway. So I am now searching for the chance to view them.
Just down the road from me is a canoe launching access that hooks up with an area about an hour from here where eagles are known to be.
So this afternoon, after coming home from a nice girls day out, and bringing up firewood, I suggested we go look for eagles.
It was a beautiful sunny day, not too windy, and in the 40s. Larry spotted one flying up really high and taking advantage of the warm air currents-we sat on the country road and watched for a bit.
Now for sure I want to see an eagle up closer. We may go out again tomorrow or thursday before winter weather returns.
Here a few links about eagles in Missouri:
cool photo here and eagle days and here
this is a neat link with lots of photos here
one of the photos:
Click on image to download
Wish me good fortune in my search for eagles. Will share a photo if I am fortunate enough


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