Sunday, January 16, 2011

Healthy Mondays Sea Vegetables

I have been looking thru my pantry looking for items for my diet. Which do too poor digestion right now, is more of combining certain foods, and just a few no no's
When my digestion is not working at all, I also refer to the Body Ecology diet for her tips. She suggests combining proteins with non starchy land or sea veggies, or starchy veggies and grains with non starchy land or sea veggies. Never combine proteins with starchy foods.
When you think about it; most of our menus do combine proteins with starchy-which is potatoes, squash, corn, peas, grains etc.
Her suggestions with fruits is only on an empty stomach-can wait 30 minutes to eat something else as it will already be down to the lower intestines. At first though only acids-lemons and fresh or frozen cranberries-no sweetening. When digestion improves add kiwis and grapefruits, and slowly add in the berries and then the more starchy fruits.
I remembered the last time I was this bad, I had purchased some packages of sea vegetables-dehydrated form, good in salads, soups, with starchy grains and veggies like millet and potatoes. So back to looking in my pantry-I found a jar of them-yeh! and ate them with my millet for lunch after being re hydrated.
More information here on sea veggies
Mountain Rose Herbs sells them here
Here is a recipe with potatoes and sea veggies
Potatoes with Sea Vegetables
I found Ilike these sea veggies best in soups, mixed with grains, or like this potato recipe. I like the Oshawa brand.


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