Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Good Morning Tuesday

I'm up and making fresh lemonaid-I am back to drinking fresh squeezed lemon juice sweetened with stevia and agave; in the mornings now. Then a cup of tea, and then my protein shake. I found a brown rice protein (instead of the whey protein) which is working out well for me. The supplements I added have really helped alot, and am working on keeping busy to help with my stress level.
I finished up making the blocks for Mr. L's quilt yesterday-so that is my project this morning-to lay out the squares to my liking and sew the top together. This was made with the Turning 20 pattern-and works up great with the men's cotton shirts. I also added in some quilting fabrics with fishing and hunting. I had also picked up two xxl large men's cottons shirts with fishing themes-so that worked out wonderfully in this.
I love this pattern, the blocks are 16" and the pieces are large so it just works up fast, and ends up with a nice big quilt too.
Then to decide how to quilt this up fast. I am going to check on the wool blankets I have to see if I have one big enough for the batting, and may just tie this quilt-will go fast and will make it very "country" and "comfy"
Will post a photo when I get it layed out.
What are you all doing this tuesday??


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