Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Eagles Found

Larry took me to Bennett Springs State Park early this morning. We live around 45 minutes away from the park.Today and tomorrow will be the nicest weather for awhile, so wanted to search for eagles one of these two days. This is a really wonderful park, known for it's history, trout fishing, and fish hatchery.
When we drove up next to one of the trout fishing areas, Larry spotted a pair of eagles right away flying around. We saw a couple more but they were all pretty far away-I wanted to see one up close-lol
We drove around the drive that lines the river, and near the lodge picnic areas etc, and then we spotted one. He was sitting across from the river and up in a tree-in clear view. I took a few photos from the car, and then walked down slowly to the edge of the river and took a few more. I was hoping he would fly down to catch some fish, as I could see and hear the fish jumping and swimming around.
I walked back to the car, and the eagle was still starring at the river. Several cars started to drive by, and the eagle kept turning his head when he heard a car drive by. a car pulled up behind us, while I was checking the photos on the camera-I looked back and he was gone. So I didn't catch him in flight. an awesome day, I will remember-my first time seeing eagles.


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