Sunday, December 19, 2010

White Chocolate Lollypops

I made these today, and they were fun to make, and turned out really nice too. The recipe is on my friday post for holiday recipe share. I used pine nuts, dried cranberries, and a few little christmas sprinkles.
I also made a batch of peanut brittle that turned out excellent, recipe on same post. This always turns out perfect-if you don't cook too far and burn-lol. I can finish up now with one of my neighbor's goodie bag which also includes handmade soap and a big jar of the lemon sugar hand scrub from Endlessi's recipe, a few cookies and some of the treats from today.
I have two boxes to put together to mail off tomorrow, one more little goodie bag, and then I am finished. Will be concentrating on the months bills-no fun--and since it has warmed up, want to go out hunting too-it's black powder season now. Nice to havae a bit of a warm up for a few days-not much sun, but we did get a little today so I could finally make some candy.
Are all of you that celebrate ready for the holidays??


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