Friday, December 31, 2010

My Chocolate Popcorn

I was happy with the results and would do this again This photo is the first batch I did.
I made a milk chocolate diabetic version. I had found some no sugar milk chocolate for candy making at the amish store in Indiana a few years ago, and what I had left needed to get used up. I also had in the cupboards a bottle of less sugar corn syrup. this corn syrup I would not buy again, I had trouble with candy making using this before-and I grabbed this by mistake-thought I had gotton rid of the last this.
I think there is added water in some of the diabetic products, or at least this corn syrup must have. I had a difficult time getting this batch-to have a "crunch" to it instead of a soft gooey texture.
after an extra hour in the oven, and then turning the heat off and letting it sit in there for several more hours-it was finally acceptable. There is someone coming to the party tonight that is also a diabetic, so wanted this to turn out.
On the second batch-I used regular corn syrup, and unsweetened dark chocolates and a little sweeter dark chocolate. I also added salt to the popcorn along with hot pepper flakes. This batch turned out excellent-and I love the hint of "hot" in this.
For both recipes I followed the first recipe I posted on my previous blog.

What are you sll doing to bring in the New Year tonight?? We have been invited to a party, close to home, so bringing lots of goodies to share, along with a pasta sausage dish.


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