Friday, December 24, 2010

Just Thoughts (not political)

These holidays can be soooo depressing for alot of folks. I know my Larry goes into deep depression from about late October thru January-do to the war he fought in, and the winter blues too.

Christmas can be very difficult too, especially for us older adults. I never had children ( absolute no patience for it) so I don't go thru the "empty nest" at the holidays, but the whole thing of these holidays can have so many negative and uncomfortable expectations thru it all-if we fall into that and let it happen. I make an effort not to shop and listen to all that christmas music over and over, and I also stay away from all the crowds and all cities to keep away from all the commercialization of the season.

I have always enjoyed baking everything-and then giving it away. Used to be to family, now mostly to new neighbors here. I keep the holidays low key for Larry's sake, and I have never been one-for all the presents, and parties and all that. I do enjoy the quiet with the two of us-now that I am retired-I actually have the holidays off-as I used to always work them for the bonus money involved. I don't like alot of presents, don't like giving alot of presents either-but I do enjoy opening at least a few-lol--it is definately the "kid" in me.

For me-I watch all the Christmas movies I can handle from Thanksgiving til now-lol--there are alot of good ones out there, including some of the older ones too. and since I enjoy cooking and baking-I make us "good eats" for Christmas Eve and Day.

We are going thru a very difficult time money wise-do to the economy, the last of our Illinois property is such a "headache" and a money spender-that it really gets us down-so that has got to change-I want it on the market come spring-and we get what we get. It is burying us financially right now. I know this poor economy has hurt so many of us-and that is a depressant in itself.

So, in the end I really work hard to stay up beat, make good eats, and enjoy the peace and beauty here in the woods. When I am down and blue-I thank God for leading us to this beautiful place in the woods.

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to all.


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