Saturday, December 4, 2010

It's Saturday

Another saturday has arrived. We have been blessed with warmer than normal temperatures this week-mostly in the 50's; but as the day progresses we will definately remember this is December after all-lol

I already baked up another batch of ginger cookies this morning, these are sooo good. This time I sprinkled some with little sugar snowflakes, and put most of the cookies in the freezer so we wouldn't eat them all up.

I am going thru my clothes and looking for my Illinois winter clothes for today We are going to a funeral of a friend that lost his battle with cancer, and afterwards going back to the house (in the woods) with a big bon fire, and food. I made two apple pies to take and thinking of also bringing along some cheese bread. They have a little "club house", isn't much but they will be lighting the woodstove in there too, so some of us can get out of the wind and cold. It will be a blustery cold day today-no snow though. Definately an ozark country funeral.

Song for my friend


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