Monday, December 27, 2010

It is a Wintry Monday for Alot of Us

No more snow here, but very very cold-around 7 degrees. But the sun is shining bright, and we are to reach mid 30s today, and warm up to 60s on thursday and friday-wild. But then saturday back down to the 30s, with possible storms due to the temperature changes

I feel for you all on the east coast, especially New York and New Jersey I think you are getting hit the hardest with lots of snow and blizzard conditions. It is soooo bad there that the Giants are stuck in Green Bay after the game last night, til they open up the airports. An awesome game for the Packers. Go Pak!!

Last few days I have been going thru old t shirts-so old that most of them were made in the usa. I am cutting out 12.5 and 6.5 inch squares to make a t shirt quilt out of my favorites-alot of these go back to the 70s. I finally had to retire 3 of my most favorite t shirts and sweatshirts-but someday soon they will be in my quilt-lol Today I am going thru another big pile of clothes to see what I can discard. A few can be taken to the resale shop, some cut out for quilts, and some for rags.

I still have no cupboards here or closets, so I am basicly getting tired of looking at boxes of clothes piled high. So I am cleaning up this week since I am stuck in the house do to winter, and it is too cold in the house to work on my rock shower. I was really dissappointed I didn't get my shower finished by November, but I did get lots of food canned, and I helped Larry finish up with the food plot instead too.

Resolutions?? I have decided setting goals for the New Year will be more attainable.

What are you all doing this Monday morning??

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