Sunday, November 28, 2010

Update on my Rug Hooking Project

Remember when I started this piece


I haven't had the time to stick with this, but is a nice "fill in" when I have a few minutes for a craft project. If I had the time right now to just really devote to this, it would be finished already-it works up pretty fast. My biggest problem is I seem to get too many loops in an area, and then it wants to bunch up on me a bit. I especially love the white stars-they come from a felted white wool sweater that cut up into strips pretty nicely.

I thought if this went well, I would design a couple hearth rugs for in front of our wood stoves. Wool does not burn, so if a spark should get on it-should put it out.

Will be another gorgeous day in the ozarks today, back up in the 60s but with high winds. Tomorrow promises warm but rain coming in. I see my bird feeders are low, so will fill them back up today. The birds just love those bird bells-they eat up all up in less than a week.


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