Sunday, November 21, 2010

My Sunday Doings

I don't think I have lived in a place with such drastic weather changes since back in the 70s when I lived in Denver. We have worked our way back up to the mid 70s today with lots of wind.
A little too hot to be hunting today, so the guys went out fishing for white bass and cats this morning. I kept telling them it is super windy out there, but I guess they will be fishing in some coves where the wind shouldn't be too bad. A fun day out for the guys.
Tomorrow we have a chance of rain-we are still in need of a really good soaking, which we may finally get this coming week. Temps will start dropping tomorrow and be a high in the 30s on Thanksgiving day, with 20s the night before-these extremes in weather play havoc with my asthma and allergies-lol Although I am definately not complaining about our gorgeous warmer than usual days this November.
I can't believe it but my freezers are full-almost full to the top. One of the guys last weekend brought a huge ham-so big it filled a whole half of one refrigerator shelf. So yesterday, I had Larry cut a small end off-enough for 5 of us-which I served last night, and the rest of the spiral ham I packaged up into soup bones, and an end ham-big enough for 4 or more, and many small packages for meal size for two of us-what a blessing-enough ham for the coming year.
Since it is warm today, I need to go out to one of my out buildings and bring up some more pint canning jars. When we get our deer-alot of it will be canned. We enjoyed the venison hams that Mr. L made for us in his smoker-that I definately want to freeze some of those for us, and then make up some sausage, and can some venison too. I need to get the jars up to the house-so I can get them washed and ready to go. No fun trying to get to them once it turns cold.
I am not sure what I want to do today, I didn't find either of my teams on the tv-so no football to watch. I may go thru my big folder of holiday foods and decide what few things I want to bake for us this year.
I decided not to make lots of goody bags like I usually do for the neighbors. Instead a few friends will get some of my homemade soaps, I will still make up something to take to our little post office though. I know they enjoy it-cause they always thank me several times.
That's a little gripe of mine. Has the new generation forgotton how to say thank you?
I know giving is to be out of love and not expect anything in return, but I was really hurt last year with mostly no thank yous-for all the home baked goodies I gave out. So this year, I told Larry I was not going to do that this year. If I don't get any thank yous-than I will assume they didn't like the cookies and candies.
I need to get off here for a bit, and take Nikita for our walk, and re fill the bird feeders too. We also didn't see my kitty Autumn all day yesterday, so going to see if he is around today. Hoping he didn't go wandering into danger.
Enjoy your Sunday--are you all ready for the Thanksgiving feast coming up??


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