Tuesday, November 9, 2010

My Doings

Another 70 plus day again here in the ozarks, full sun, high winds though--and we are still in a fire warning. So no outside burning, and no taking the ash bucket to the compost pile for awhile.

I just heard on the news there was a big fire over at Ft Leonard Wood not too far from me. Hoping the rains come tomorrow as forecast.

We moved the desk and computer out of the middle of the living room and into Larrys room. Wow! it was like gaining a whole new room-that will be wonderful once we get around to remodeling the living room. I love it. and the computer still sits in front of a window but just a little different view.

Back to cleaning today-I am up to the kitchen-got half done yesterday. Will be tackling my Wolf 10 burner stove-it got quite a work out this summer, with all the canning I did.

Oh, and we tried those plums I canned for supper last nite-yummy!! And those pickled bing cherries I put up, are a huge winner. I only canned one small batch to see if we would like them, and only have one jar left now. I think I only had about 4 or 5 1/2 pints. We shared them with Mr. L one afternoon and he couldn't stop eating them. lol He kept apologizing for eating them, and I said no no, food is to be enjoyed. So that recipe is a keeper.

I ended up deleting several contacts yesterday. One I deleted cause every single day she was complaining about something, hadn't read anything positive for months-so enough is enough. and another contact I deleted cause every single day she was either selling something-which is what the market place is for, I know I sell on occaision too but not every single week, and cause her posts are only about negative news articles, nothing informative to me or positive. So decided enough is enough. I don't keep negative people around me any more. It is ok to complain once in awhile-this is only "human", but not every day for months-lol So several months ago I had over 100 contacts and now I am down to under 80. Some people don't blog at all here any more, and haven't visited for a couple years now-so deleting those too. House cleaning-again lol

I am off to do laundry before the rains come (have to unplug my machines) and to hopefully get the whole kitchen finished up. Then I am up to quicker stuff and then lastly will scrub all the floors. Plan is to have thursday or friday free, so I can bake some pies and relax a bit before all of our friends arrive.

Enjoy your Tuesday. How have you all been??


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