Wednesday, November 10, 2010

My 10 Burner Wolf

I had a couple requests to share a photo of my Wolf.

Probably 20 years or so ago now, Larry found for me in an ad paper-my dream stove and ovens. It was almost brand new, and sitting in someone's garage. She said she now only used it for holiday baking. She had started a gourmet restaurant business, and after a year with her business doing very well, her landlord really increased her rent-so she said forget it. I hate to hear stories like that.

She had it for sale for $500.00. We had gotton the original receipt with the instruction booklet, and she had paid $5,000.00 for it plus a trade in. I was looking for a 6 burner, but we couldn't pass this one up at this price. When Larry called her about it, she said she had someone coming to look at it that night. Larry said I am coming right now with cash. She wasn't sure about letting Larry come to see it before this first caller, but Larry went any way. It was about an hour drive away, he hooked up the trailor-and came back with my stove.

When I came home from work that day; it was sitting in the middle of the kitchen floor-very exciting day for me. I am still amazed of the very cool useful items Larry has picked up for me this way, or at garage sales.

This one is a restaurant stove, so when ever we have to buy parts for it, we have to tell them we are a business-shhhhh. One of the things I love about this stove are the heavy grates. They can handle all the heavy canners I want to use on it, plus all my cast iron. I pretty much only cook in cast iron pieces or those French pots you see. The pot filler was a house warming gift from one of our Illinois friends. It comes in handy filling up the big water bath canner.

The other thing I love about this stove; the ovens are brick lined-so everything bakes perfectly. I have so blessed with this stove-I just love using it.


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