Thursday, November 4, 2010

Doings in My Woods

I guess I have been pretty tied up with stuff, and didn't realize I hadn't posted as often as I usually do.

Alot of times when I am working in the house, I use my blogging-reading and posting-as my breaks. But lately, I have been working alot outside.

We did finally get rain this week, at least an inch, also several mornings with very heavy dew. Our winter wheat is already sprouting in our newly planted wildlife food plot. I was really surprised by that, cause there was absolutely no moisture in the soil at all when we planted.

This is wood splitting, and hauling, and stacking time again. We did alot of wood last year, if we don't have another severe cold winter like last year, we should have enough wood split and stacked already. This is a good time to work on the wood; cooler temps, less bugs too. Larry is still cutting up alot of trees that were from the food plot, or just outside of it; so we are splitting those. Today we finished filling his dump truck, so I will be stacking that up in the rows- a little bit at a time. Have to say this is great exercise, and good for my bones too. I work a little at a time, in hopes to not get down with my back, and still get good physical exercise.

My philosophy has always been: if you don't use it-you will lose it, so I do this physical stuff to keep limber and moving.

I really need to get on the ball and clean house before the 13th, but I just can not get "into it" this year at all-and time is running out fast-lol Hopefully this weekend I can get serious about it, and get alot accomplished.

My broken toe can finally fit into a shoe, but it will take a long time yet, before it is back to normal. It is still black and blue looking. I did this a few years ago-and it just took forever to totally heal.

Yesterday, I went with my friend to our favorite resale shops. We dropped off a box of things to sell in one, like we try to do thru out the year. I was able to find two beautiful 100% new wool jackets. Gorgeous colors too, one in a green, and one kinda Burgundy-will be great for my craft projects-applique, or rug hooking.

In our other favorite store, I picked up two fabulous cotton shirts in xxl for my quilts. they are tommy hilfiger brand and one has fish all over it, and the other one has flys for fly fishing, Sandy found these on the rack. I also picked up for $2.00 a pendelton xlarge sweater-just gorgeous. It fits perfect over a sweatshirt, and kept me nice and warm outside today while working with the wood. When I get tired of it, I can shrink it and use it for appliques, or quilt squares. lol I just love it when I find deals like that.

We have a cold front moving in today and tomorrow. Some say we will be in the 20s tonight, others say 30s, either way with the wind-it will be cold. I just started a fire in living room wood stove-first one for the season. I will be a cold morning going to the dentist tomorrow-my 6 month visit.

For supper tonight, I have a big pot of chili going, and I am making up that french bread-gluten free from a mix-that I just loved. That's in the oven now. It's a mix from Gluten Free Pantry out of Canada-I love their products so far that I have tried-all rice base and no xanthia gum. I like to mix up the grains I use for the gluten free things I make.

Catch ya all later-gotta check my fire in the wood stove.


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