Thursday, October 28, 2010

Tip When Making Pumpkin Pies

This was totally new for me so wanted to share this.

This afternoon I was reading the new issue of Better Homes and Gardens, and they had a really good article on pies, made by pastry chef Alan Carter of Mission Beach Cafe in California. This magazine was worth reading just for this article and recipes.

He suggests to "heat the custard mixture in a suacepan, and then pour into a cooked pie crust. Heating the custard will ensure even cooking, and will keep the pie from cracking and splitting-as pumpkin pies are apt to do" Did any of you know this before??? I am going to try it.

He fills his fruit pies very very full, especially the apple pies-like I always do. However, he says he doesn't just drape the top pastry piece on top, he molds it with his hands to the fruit. He makes hills and valleys and a landscape that's as pretty as the fruit inside-I like that idea too.

I found this online about his pie crusts

I also found online his seafood pie


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