Friday, October 8, 2010

Soap Making So Far-and What I have Learned

My first attempt at the melt and pour soaps today. I am anxious to hear how Celeste made out cause I think she is using the same product I am. I haven't heard back from any others that are still joining us today with the melt and pour method.

I knew this would be temperature sensitive, need to have everything you need already laid out and ready to go, but this project is really not a "snap" and as easy as I had thought.

Not that it is really hard, I was prepared with my materials needed, I am using the double boiler, which I am glad I did. I think for me the microwave would have been a dissaster, but my first one I had troubles with.

I went back and re read some stuff about adding the color, the video was showing a liquid color and I am using something that needs to melt. They suggest you add the essential oils or fragrance oils first as soon as you get to the temperature, and then add the color. I had a melting point temp for the shea butter base, and a maximum temp., and I also knew the maximum temp for the fragrances. I read the instructions as being--when your base is all melted whether or not you reach the max. is ok.-With the first one not true for the soap color I was using.

I brought the temperature up about 15 degrees below the maximum, but by the time I took it off the double boiler, and stirred in the color, the base was already too cool to dissolve the color bar. So, I put it back on the double boiler and made sure I didn't reach max cause I was worried about the essential oil in there, and I thought I got it all dissolved. This mold is set, and when I flipped it over there is a couple little color specks that did not get blended in so this soap won't do for gifts.

So my second batch, I made sure I hit the max temp, took off the double boiler, stirred in the fragrance, divided into two batches for two different colors. The color bars blended in perfectly this time. However, to pour the second layer, the first layer must be set.

So when I started this I am thinking, I will need to hold the temp. on the second color til the first sets/ or when the first one is set-then make the second color. The video makes it look like you just wait til it comes down to the right temp, and the first layer will be set. Well-lol---that was not the case for me. I held the temp on the second one in the double boiler hot water until I just had to pour it, the first layer was still not completely set-will be ok cause the colors will look nice together.

So, I am finding these little problems lol I had a little soap left from the second layer so poured it onto one of the lavender molds that had room, to see if those layers stay stuck together, after being set for a bit.

Now, on to the third one-the dragonfly mold, which I wanted to do two colors also, need to decide how I want to proceed--Later


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