Saturday, October 9, 2010

Slideshow Soap Making

What I have learned:

1. don't stress-have fun-my first attempt was almost a dissaster-but it's only soap-enjoy the experience-I did the rest of the day

2. one of the main things I learned from the video-the 70% alcohol is a must, and I would not have known that if not for the videos. You put it in a spray bottle with a fine mist-and spritz the just poured soap-gets rid of all bubbles. spritz between layers to make the layers stick together as well When Celeste suspended the cubes of soap in her base-she needed to spritz those cubes first.

3. I used wholesale supplies plus color bars-the temperature has to be at 140 degrees for those to melt.(I discovered that making my first batch) With the white bases-it takes alot of color-lots more than they indicated. With the clear bases it would take alot less color and these color bars would sparkle more in those. I did get a beautiful sparkle and elegant look with the white I chose. and when I used more color-the dragonflys have a beautiful color with a bit of sparkle.

4. layers-for me the temperatures did not work out on the layers as the video explained how to do this process. my second attempt I made the first layer, then waited til set before making the second layer of soap.

5. suspending oatmeal thru out the bars. Celeste and I both did this according to the video and it didn't work for either of us. I followed the video's temperature guidelines-so was dissappointed. I went to live chat over on the wholesale supplies site (which was very helpful answering my questions thru out my research of this project) and asked for help on why ours did not work. She suggested for positive results to buy the suspended soap base.mmmm than why the video-lol I had thought of doing that when I was ordering but it was one of their not all natural bases.

6. I love the molds I bought for this project-and I was able to pick them up just under retail on ebay. I had found the rectangle and oval molds in my candle and soap supplies-from years and years ago, when I tried making the all glycerin soaps with my own herbs at the time. These were cheapy molds that I am sure I picked up at a wal mart type store or at a garage sale. These are a perfect size, but I had a little harder time getting them out of the mold. and if you look on the slideshow for the oatmeal bars-there is one in the front where you can tell the mold plastic was bent-I saw that and figured the hot soap would put it back in shape-not so. If you think you will make a few of these soaps-better to look for a deal on good quality molds.

7.kaolin clay-I decided to add this in my soaps, this was an extra step in the beginning. I had read in alot of the reviews that customers complained that these melt and pour soaps can be too soft. I should have done a test batch with no clay to see if I could tell the difference, but the clay is good for the skin too, so put it in all of them. I had asked on live chat how to add this in, and she suggested as the soap melts pour that over the clay (in a little cup) stir to mix well and then add back to the soap. This is a good tip, cause I think there could be a problem of having enough time to get all the clay incorporated.

8. be sure to be set up before beginning-if using color have it ready to add, if using fragrance-know before hand how much to put in, know the temperatures you need to work with before hand, and use a thermometer-it is surprising how fast the temperature rises, and of course have your molds ready to pour into.

9. would I buy from this company again? Yes I would, I bought only the all natural bases this time-and the one I am using, shea butter, is very nice. very creamy, lathers nice, and I put the maximum essential oil of lavender I could-so smells wonderful.

These soaps are different than the made from scratch kind. There is no curing involved like in those, and as soon as you unmold the melt and pour soaps and they are cooled and dry-must immediately wrap in your soaps in saran wrap-tightly. Otherwise these will sweat and cause problems. In the shower, I am keeping my wrapped up too when not in use. so I need to find a covered soap dish for these.-that could be one of the few draw backs of these soaps.

and above all-enjoy the experience-you are making soap! How fun is that??


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