Friday, October 8, 2010

One More Soap Coming out of the Mold-another try at Lavender

I was very dissappointed in my first batch, but then I tell myself it was my first batch ever, and I learned from it and I have 3 fabulous smelling lavender bars to use myself--that's a good thing-lol HOwever, Ijust had to try the lavender soap again-I love the color much better.

I think Celeste and I were the only soapers today, unless someone out there hasn't checked in. I know we had about 6 of us that were interested. I have a friend that is recovering from an illness and is also working, and she is making soap tomorrow, and I have another friend that is hoping to get out of the hospital today and she will be making scrubs tonight or tomorrow. So, after tomorrow's soap making I will do a recap in a slideshow and also put links in that blog of any one that posts.

Celeste made some very fun soaps today-soap in luffa-I love that, and other fun soaps-check out her soaps here Celeste and I had a very fun day making soap.


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